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Frequently Asked Questions

Contactless Chip Card

What is a contactless chip Card?

Some chip Cards are enabled with contactless payment technology.  Contactless technology allows you to pay simply by tapping your Card against a contactless enabled terminal.  To determine if your card can be used for contactless payments, look for the contactless symbol on the back of the Card.  If there is not a contactless symbol, it is not a contactless enabled Card.

How do I pay with my contactless chip Card?

To pay using your contactless feature, first look for the contactless symbol at participating merchants on a contactless enabled terminal. Then tap your Card against the symbol on the terminal for easy and quick checkout.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely.  Your contactless chip Card uses the same secure encryption technology as your current chip Card and fraud protection will continue to safeguard each purchase.

Which products have a contactless chip?

Contactless chip is currently available on the majority of Consumer products and the following Small Business Cards: Blue for Business® Credit Card and Starwood Guest® Business Credit Card.

You can watch the video on to see contactless technology in action. If you have further questions or would like to request a contactless chip Card, please call the number on the back of your Card to speak to a Customer Care Professional.