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1.     Card Member Eligibility
An "Eligible Card" is a valid, Membership Rewards® enrolled (a) American Express Consumer Card, (b) Business Card from American Express OPEN, or (c) American Express Corporate Card, which must be issued in the U.S. by American Express. You will only be able to use Membership Rewards points if you are the primary account holder of the Eligible Card or are an Additional Card Member who has been authorized by the primary Card Member to redeem points. In addition, the Eligible Card account must also be in good standing and not in default at the time of redemption.  If you are an Additional Card Member who has not been authorized, you will not be able to use points on Airbnb. To participate, you must have an Eligible Card and have at least 143 points in your Membership Rewards account.

2.     Using Membership Rewards Points for Airbnb Bookings (the “Program”)
When you request to book a property on Airbnb you may select an Eligible Card through Sign Up with Amex, Verify with Amex, Amex Express Checkout or you may enter an Eligible Card directly as your payment method.  If you are using an Eligible Card for payment, your eligibility to redeem Membership Rewards points will be displayed.  During the checkout process, if you have decided to use points, enter the dollar amount you would like to use in points and apply the amount (and equivalent Membership Rewards points) towards your payment on the checkout screen.

If you decide that you no longer want to be presented with the option to use points for your purchase, please refer to Section 4 (“Notice Regarding Your Privacy Rights”) for information on how to opt out of the program.

3.     Generally
To view your available points balance, go to Point redemption rate may vary for future bookings.

When you choose to use points for your booking, American Express will debit from the Membership Rewards Program account linked to the Eligible Card the number of points to your corresponding selection. You may select up to the total amount of points required to cover the transaction or up to the full value of your points balance, whichever is less, to the nearest $1.00. Further, a statement credit in an amount equal to the dollar amount of your selection will be issued to the Eligible Card account. Please allow up to 2-4 business days for the corresponding credit to be reflected on your Eligible Card account. If a credit is processed after your Eligible Card account statement's closing date, it will appear on your next statement. Remember, the minimum amount due on your Eligible Card account must be paid by the due date.

If there is a processing error with your choice to use points, your Eligible Card will be charged and the corresponding credit will not be issued to the Eligible Card account for your transaction. In this event, if you would like to use points for your transaction, please call the number on the back of your Eligible Card and American Express will be happy to assist you.

4.     Notice Regarding Your Privacy Rights
If you select an eligible Card and select the “Check Points Balance” button, American Express will share your points balance with Airbnb so that you can see your points balance and choose whether to apply points to your purchase.  If you use Amex Express Checkout, log in and select a Card that displays the message “You can use Membership Rewards points here”, American Express will share your points balance with Airbnb so that you can see your points balance and choose whether to apply points to your purchase.

If you have saved your American Express card on file with Airbnb or selected your Eligible card through Amex Express Checkout, American Express will continue to automatically share your updated points balance with Airbnb and your points balance will automatically be displayed  by Airbnb.

If you no longer wish to have American Express share your Membership Rewards points balance on Airbnb, simply call the number on the back of your Card, or select “X” to collapse the module to hide the option to pay for the booking reservation with Membership Rewards points.
  Once you select “X”, American Express will no longer share your points balance with Airbnb until you select to see the option again by expanding the module on the Airbnb site or manually add a new Eligible Card and click the “Check Points Balance” button.

For more information about how American Express protects your privacy please see the American Express U.S. Online Privacy Statement, available at

5.     Airbnb Policies and Terms of Service Apply
Airbnb Policies and Terms of Service apply.  Visit for more information.

6.     Card Member Agreements Apply; Changes to this Agreement
Access to and use of this Program is subject to and governed by Card Members’ agreements with    American Express, including the Membership Rewards® Program Terms and Conditions and these Terms. For any inconsistency between these Terms and the Membership Rewards
Program Terms and Conditions, these Terms apply for this Program. We may change or modify these Terms by posting changes or modifications at and will update the date indicated after "Last Modified." If you do not agree with these current or modified Terms you must not participate in this Program.

7.     Membership Rewards® Program
Terms and Conditions for the Membership Rewards® program apply. Visit or call 1-800-AXP-EARN (297-3276) for more information. Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice.

The value of Membership Rewards points varies according to how you choose to use them. To learn more, go to