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> American Express Savings at Work® Program Terms & Conditions

The Savings at Work® ("SaW") program is a benefit provided by American Express to its eligible corporate clients ("Company" or "Companies") through which a Company earns point-of-sale discounts ("SaW Discount") or annually disbursed rebates ("SaW Rebates") (SaW Discount and SaW Rebates, collectively, "SaW Benefit") on qualifying charges made using the American Express Corporate Card with participating SaW partners.  For most recent listing of SaW partners see

To receive end-of-year SaW Benefit, Company must be an active U.S. Commercial Card (collectively “Card”) client of and in good standing with American Express, during the preceding calendar year.  Only charges made with Company’s eligible Card qualify for SaW Benefit.  Otherwise eligible Companies with total American Express charge volume greater than $10 million are ineligible for SaW Benefits on charges made with certain SaW partners, including FedEx and FedEx Office.  Global Client Group clients are ineligible for SaW program.  OPEN®  card products are ineligible for SaW program.

The SaW Rebate is determined annually at calendar year-end and disbursed to Company directly (not individual Cardmembers) within ten (10) to twelve (12) weeks of the end of the applicable calendar year. SaW Rebate will be based on qualifying charges made the preceding calendar year, namely between January 1st and December 31st. Charges include tips, gratuities, taxes, delivery fees, surcharges and any other amounts included in the charge as billed.  If a Company’s aggregate annual SaW Rebate for qualifying charges is less than $10, that Company will not receive the SaW Rebate for those otherwise qualifying charges.  To the extent, a Company’s annual SaW Rebate for qualifying charges is a negative amount, that negative amount will be carried over to the next calendar year period.  In order for Company to receive SaW rebate for a specific qualifying charge, the participating SaW partner must be shown as the merchant of record on Card statement.

Some charges may be ineligible for SaW Benefits depending on SaW partner and said SaW partner’s terms.  SaW Benefit amounts vary depending on SaW partner. See SaW partner exceptions below for details. SaW Benefits will not accrue on any charges made during the first 90 days following Company’s first charge under its Corporate Card Program.

American Express or its SaW partners may provide additional offers through or in conjunction with the SaW program.  Such offers may not be available through, and additional terms, conditions and restrictions may apply.  Some American Express or SaW partner offers may not be available to Company and may not be used in combination with existing Company discounts.

All Company transactions with SaW partners are between the Company and SaW partner and not American Express, and may be subject to additional SaW partner terms and conditions not otherwise set forth here. American Express is not liable to Company for any damages, charges, or other monetary obligations arising from any dispute, claim or issue arising directly or indirectly from said transactions, or the failure to consummate same.  For SaW partner who initiate their participation in the SaW program during the course of the calendar year, the SaW Benefit will be paid for qualifying charges made only after the SaW Partner’s start date in the SaW program, not before.

Companies may choose to opt out of the SaW program by calling Company’s Program Administrator or 1-888-800-8564.

American Express reserves the unconditional right to amend, alter, or terminate the SaW program, these Terms and Conditions, any Company’s participation and all related program offers, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion at any time without notice. 

Savings at Work, American Express, and the American Express logo are registered trademarks of American Express and used under limited license.

© 2012 American Express.  All Rights Reserved.

For more information on SaW program call 1-888-800-8564.

SaW Partner Listing and Exceptions to Program Terms & Conditions.

Card charges made with American Express Dining partners and the following entities (collectively, “SaW partners”)  participating in the SaW program qualify for the SaW Benefit subject to (1) the Terms & Conditions above and (2) each SaW partner’s respective, partner-specific exceptions to said terms & conditions as set forth below.  For more information on SaW program eligibility call 1-888-800-8564. SaW partners’ participation, offers, and exceptions to the general SaW program Terms & Conditions are subject to discontinuation or change at any time without notice. 

Click on SaW partners below for most recent SaW partner listing and exceptions


Choice Hotels

Conference Plus, Inc.

Dunkin' Donuts



FedEx Office

Hilton Hotels




Staples Advantage