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Relationships and Rates

Relationships And RatesARTICLE

A Safe Harbor During the Storm

The 1970s was a decade when many of the world's largest countries abandoned fixed currency exchange rates for today’s floating exchange rates.

Businesses around the world got their first taste of the day-to-day volatility that exists in today’s global foreign exchange markets. They also learned what it means to be supported by a trusted provider.

Managing FX Volatility and Supporting Our Customers

Those who weren’t supported by a trusted foreign exchange provider faced a market with wildly varying rates of exchange.

To protect its overseas customers, American Express publicly declared it would offer a fair rate of exchange on U.S. Dollars.

American Express Supporting Customers during 1971 Money Crisis

Thousands of customers around the world queued for hours outside their local American Express offices to get access to the funds they needed. Many voiced their thanks to the company for supporting them in times of uncertainty.

Today, American Express FX International Payments provides businesses with an online, simple and secure solution for processing their cross-border payments. American Express offers experienced customer support, robust reporting tools and a range of payment solutions that allow clients to focus on what they do best...growing their business.

American Express Foreign Exchange Testimonials 1973

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