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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gifts from American Express

Great Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas for Teens

It’s an opportunity to celebrate a young man or woman’s progression to adulthood. But finding the right gift can be challenging for friends and family who want to commemorate the moment with an appropriately meaningful gift. Use our list of bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah gifts for inspiration.

Thoughtful and appreciated gifts for bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah

Teenagers are notoriously tricky to buy for, which makes finding the right bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah gifts no easy task. Giving cash is customary and perfectly acceptable at bar and bat mitzvah celebrations — a big part of becoming an adult is learning how to manage your finances — but giving an American Express® Gift Card instead can be a safer option than cash, as the funds can be replaced if lost or stolen.

Adding a fun, personal touch to your present will ensure that it will stand out in the sea of gifts the recipient will receive on this special day. Below are a few unique, age-appropriate bar and bat mitzvah gift ideas that are a perfect way to celebrate the occasion.

1. If you do choose to give cash to celebrate their big day, make it special by gifting the money in multiples of 18. The number 18 is considered to be good luck in the Jewish tradition, and can add a bit of extra thought to traditional monetary gifts for bar and bat mitzvahs.

2. For a teen who enjoys electronics, consider doing a bit of research with his or her parents as to what type of tech gifts he or she may be most interested in and want. Great bar and bat mitzvah gift ideas for boys or girls who are avid gamers can be as simple as a new tablet, phone, or console video games, while book lovers may love an e-reader. Teens seem to practically live on their smartphones, so upgrading them to the latest and greatest model can also be a great option—just be sure to check with their parents first.

American Express Gift Cards: The Gifts that Stand Out
  • Can be used virtually anywhere in the U.S. where American Express Cards are accepted
  • Safer than cash because the funds can be replaced if lost or stolen*
  • Choose from a variety of designs appropriate for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

3. Jewelry is a traditional and popular gift for both bat and bar mitzvah. An elegant chai or star of David necklace, particularly if you are a close relative or family friend, can be a nice way to remind them of their heritage for years to come. Leather wallets or pocketbooks are other traditionally popular gifts that mark the recipient’s passage to adulthood.

4. If your giftee is fashion-forward, he or she would love a gift that allows them to show off their personal style — but pinpointing those ever-evolving teen trends can be tough. In these situations, versatile gift cards are often your best bet, as they give the recipient the freedom to pick out a gift that expresses their unique personality. Just be sure to add a hand-written note along with the Gift Card—you can even show how much thought you put into the gift card by including a selection of magazine cut-outs or screenshots printed from ecommerce sites to make a few suggestions of how to spend it.

If you don’t know the recipient personally, don’t feel bad about asking for a little guidance from the parents—or stick with a gift that allows them the flexibility to purchase whatever they please. An American Express® Gift Card is an easy way to ensure that the special kid ends up with bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah gifts you know they’ll love. Not only are they safer than cash*, they can be used virtually wherever American Express cards are accepted.

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