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Ideas for Father's Day

Things to Do on Father’s Day: 6 Ways to Celebrate Dad

Looking for ideas for Father’s Day? Here are some ways you can express your gratitude and make sure Dad gets the day he deserves.

Father’s Day Activities: Plan Dad’s Perfect Day

Considering everything Dad does the rest of the year, it’s nice that we can make one day all about him. Now it’s up to you to fit a year’s worth of gratitude and appreciation into one Sunday in June. So, what will that day look like? If you’re still trying to figure out what to do on Father’s Day, we can help.

Start by thinking about the man you’re celebrating. What does he love to do? How does he spend his free time? What are his favorite indulgences? And are there any Father’s Day activities he might enjoy, but would never think to arrange on his own? Consider those answers, along with our list of six things to do on Father’s Day, and you’ll be well on your way to planning Dad’s perfect day.

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1. Breakfast of Champions

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, start Father’s Day off right. Take Dad out for a champagne brunch or serve him breakfast in bed. Both options are nice things to do on Father’s Day. If you plan on staying in, present Dad with a printed menu the night before (the way they do in some hotels) and let him check off his selections. Prepare his eggs to order. Serve hot maple syrup with whatever he chooses from the griddle. And make sure you keep his “World’s Greatest Dad” mug filled all morning.

2. Smooth Move

Here’s how you turn a simple morning ritual into a Father’s Day indulgence. Send Dad to an old-fashioned barbershop for a hot shave. It’s amazing what a bevy of hot towels, a robust lather, the precision of a straight razor and the conditioning qualities of good aftershave can do for a man. Some of the best ideas for Father’s Day are ones that allow Dad to relax. He’ll emerge from his shave fully refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for whatever else you have planned.

3. Perfect Pitch

Father’s Day lands in the middle of baseball season. If Dad’s a fan, surprise him with tickets to a game. Plan a tailgate with all of Dad’s favorites before the first pitch and let him use his American Express Gift Card for concessions during the seventh inning stretch. He can also use the card for souvenirs and team apparel in the stadium store.

4. Take a Load Off Daddy

Is there a job around the house that Dad keeps putting off? Hire someone to clean the gutters, paint the deck, fertilize the lawn or handle any pesky task that’s been weighing on him. The job doesn’t have to get done that day. Just let Dad know it’s off his plate and free him up to focus on other Father’s Day activities (like that in-home massage you scheduled for him).

5. Impeccable Taste

Does Dad appreciate good wine? Or does he have a favorite spirit? Private tastings make great things to do on Father’s Day. Find an expert who can pour an array of samples and discuss the attributes and nuances of each. Raise your glass to Dad, then encourage him to use his American Express Gift Card to purchase any new bottles he’d like to add to his collection.

6. Hit the Road

Is there a place Dad’s been talking about going or somewhere you’ve always wanted to take him? If you’re still wondering what to do on Father’s Day, surprise Dad with a weekend away. Or let him pick a time to get away on his own. In either scenario, enhance Dad’s trip with an American Express Gift Card, so he can shop for something special along the way.

Choose a card design appropriate for Father’s Day, or order a custom gift card with his name on it. Then encourage him to use his card to pick out something he really wants. It is his day, after all.

Here’s to Dad!

Gift Cards for Father’s Day

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