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Hanukkah gift cards from American Express

Hanukkah Gift Cards: A Present That’s Always Well Received

This holiday, give them something you know they can use. Hanukkah gift cards make shopping easier for you and are a versatile gift your recipient will appreciate.

Hanukkah Gift Cards: Personal, Practical and Packed with Possibility

Think it’s impossible to make everyone happy? Take the stress and guesswork out of shopping this holiday season—give Hanukkah gift cards to everyone on your list, and let your friends, family and everyone else you’re buying for pick out what they want. The American Express® Gift Card is always a great fit. Plus, it can be used virtually anywhere in the U.S. where American Express Cards are accepted.

Hanukkah gift cards can also make great gifts for kids, because they can select whatever they want within your budget. No worries about them losing cash, either, because they can shop responsibly using a card that offers the safety and security you expect from American Express. The cards are also perfect for parents who want to contribute to those big-ticket items for which the kids have been saving.

American Express Gift Cards: The Gifts that Stand Out
  • Can be used virtually anywhere in the U.S. where American Express Cards are accepted
  • Safer than cash because the funds can be replaced if lost or stolen*
  • Choose from a variety of designs appropriate for Hanukkah

Give With Confidence
Clothes can be returned. Housewares might be re-gifted. But a Hanukkah gift card offers countless options and it’s something everyone can use. The American Express® Gift Card is versatile, practical and protected. Funds do not expire and—unlike cash—may be replaceable if their Hanukkah gift card is lost or stolen.*

Make It Personal
The American Express Gift Card is available in various designs, so you can choose the gift cards you like best. You can even personalize the cards with the recipient’s name, so they will know it was selected specifically for them.

American Express can send Hanukkah gift cards that you order online directly to your recipients. Or you can have the cards shipped to you first, so you can include a handwritten note and deliver each card personally.

In the spirit of Hanukkah, you might want to suggest eight different ways your recipients could enjoy their Hanukkah gift cards. Creating personalized “Top 8” lists is worth the time and effort, because it shows the thought and consideration you’ve given to everyone on your list.

Hanukkah Gifts from American Express

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