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Employee Gift Cards from American Express

Looking for Employee Gift Ideas for Special Work Occasions?

Flexible, easy-to-use American Express® Business Gift Cards make outstanding holiday and special occasion gifts for employees.

Work Anniversaries, Life Events and Holiday Gifts for Employees

A thoughtful gift given at the right time is highly motivational. Well-timed employee gifts can inspire warm feelings towards management, fellow team members and the company that can last for years. 

When considering what to give to your employees on special occasions, keep in mind that the gift should be useful to the recipient. Gift cards are always a welcome present. They provide flexibility and choice for those who receive them and send a strong message of gratitude to employees for a job well done. American Express® Business Gift Cards are available in a variety of compelling designs so you can tailor your employee gift to the needs of the occasion.  And, for special events such as a work anniversary or an annual holiday, American Express offers Custom Message Business Gift Cards, an excellent option that helps reinforce the meaning behind your employee gift.

American Express Business Gift Cards: The Gifts that Stand Out
  • Can be used virtually anywhere in the U.S. where American Express Cards are accepted
  • Safer than cash because the funds can be replaced if lost or stolen*
  • Choose from a variety of designs appropriate for the holidays

If you are looking for effective, morale-building employee gift ideas, the  American Express Business Gift Card is a tangible way to gift that is suitable for any employee. Incorporate American Express Business Gift Cards into these employee gift ideas to mark special occasions around the office. Gifting events include:

Work Anniversaries and Retirements
Instead of giving a long-term staff member a pin or plaque, let them choose the work anniversary gift they want with American Express Business Gift Cards, which can be used anywhere American Express Cards are accepted.

Weddings, Birthdays, New Babies, and the Holiday Season 
If it is a more personal occasion, consider our wedding or birthday designs to make the meaning of your employee's gift clear.  You can purchase American Express Business Gift Cards in denominations large and small (from $25 to $1,000) for a gift that fits every celebration.

Administrative Professionals’ Day (Last Wednesday In April)
Include American Express Business Gift Cards in a gift basket to express how grateful you are to the treasured administrative staff who keep operations running smoothly.

Employee Appreciation Day (First Friday in March)
This is a perfect occasion to gather your staff and acknowledge employees who go the extra mile — and they are sure to appreciate American Express Business Gift Cards.

Veterans’ Day (November 11)
Honor your employees’ military service with a personalized message inscribed on an Custom Message Business Gift Card. Veterans’ Day gifts for those who have served express your gratitude for their commitment, both in and out of the office.

Gifts Your Employees Will Remember — Order Your Business Gift Cards Today
Ready to get started?  You can purchase up to $100,000 worth of American Express Business Gift Cards through our website. Begin your online order. Shop Now

For orders of $100,000 or more, our American Express Business Gift Card concierge team will help facilitate your purchase. Learn More

Office Gifts from American Express

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