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Employee of the Month Gift Cards from American Express

Employee of the Month Gift Ideas and Program Suggestions

Reward outstanding work and motivate your workforce. These Employee of the Month recognition ideas will help you develop an effective program for your company.

Recognize Excellence: Employee of the Month Award Ideas

It’s human nature. People like to be appreciated for their accomplishments and recognized for a job well done. An effective Employee of the Month program can reward key employees for outstanding work and be a great tool for motivating your entire workforce, increasing productivity and fostering company loyalty.
Different corporations use a wide range of Employee of the Month program ideas. Your type of business, company size and corporate culture will influence which Employee of the Month ideas are right for your business. Ultimately, a successful program will recognize employees for their stellar work and promote the ideals of your company.
Here are some Employee of the Month award ideas and suggestions that can be tailored to fit your specific program.

Nomination and Selection
Some companies give employees the opportunity to nominate their co-workers. Others allow supervisors to put members of their team up for consideration. And some smaller businesses actually skip the nomination process and make everyone eligible for the award each month.
Regardless of which structure you choose, the selection process should be consistent and equitable. Consider forming a small committee to evaluate nominees and designate monthly winners. A decision by committee is typically more objective and less arbitrary than a selection made by one person. If a CEO or Head of Human Resources does ultimately choose, the selection should be blind and based solely on the merits mentioned in nomination letters.

Ideals and Requirements
Set the standard for recognition. The Employee of the Month ideas your company implements should reflect the ideals of your business and establish core requirements for consideration. Nominees should be hard workers and team players. They should be punctual, dependable and respectful. Worthy candidates should thrive under pressure, meet deadlines and exceed expectations. And most importantly, they should produce extraordinary results.

Recognition and Reward
Selection should be celebrated. A name on a plaque in the office is one way to do it, but there are many other Employee of the Month recognition ideas that can add substance to your program and value to the award. Consider making the announcement at a staff meeting and on the company website, giving the winning employees recognition in front of their peers. Include a profile in the company newsletter that also celebrates their personality and life outside of work. Send the winner to lunch with the CEO, or give him or her access to a plum Employee of the Month parking spot in the company lot.

American Express Business Gift Cards: The Gifts that Stand Out
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The award can also be enhanced with a nice monetary gift. The American Express® Business Gift Card is a one-size-fits-all solution that can help you reward your employees for a job well done. Rather than coming up with unique Employee of the Month gift ideas for each winner, an American Express® Business Gift Card can cater to virtually any taste and allow your employees to pick out what they want (and will also ensure that no one feels slighted). Gift cards are practical, safer than cash because the funds may be replaceable if lost or stolen* and can be used virtually anywhere American Express is accepted.

If you are inclined, you can include a custom message on the card. Take it a step further and personalize the gift with a note from the CEO, along with suggestions for a couple of ways your new Employee of the Month can enjoy their award.

Now go recognize your “A” players!

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