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Enhanced Authorization Benefits


• Seamless customer experience: Most merchants currently capture and review key elements such as IP address, e-mail address, and ship-to information from the customer as part of an order today. No incremental action is required from the customer in the check-out process to take advantage of this solution – enabling a seamless payment experience.

• Real time screening incorporates positive Cardmember history: Has this customer shipped to this address in the past? Used this e-mail address? Legitimate customer history significantly reduces the fraud risk of a transaction - enabling some sales which initially appeared high risk to be approved.

• Real-time screening against Industry-wide negative database: Is this a known fraud e-mail address, ship-to address or IP address? American Express can add elements to our negative files within hours of an authorization enabling real-time access to negative information across industries and geographies.

• Flexible solution: The Enhanced Authorization tool is designed to enable merchants to send the elements that are appropriate to their business model whether a physical or digital delivery Merchant. Special elements are also available for the travel industry.

• Real time performance: Powerful systems enable review of key elements without increasing the time required for an authorization.

• Powerful fraud prevention results: On average, merchants who have implemented Enhanced Authorization have experienced substantial reduction in fraud while maintaining or improving order approval rates.

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