The American Express® GlobalTravel Card

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American Express Global Travel Card
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How to use the American Express GlobalTravel Card

Learn how to use the Card safely and easily during your journey.

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By taking a few simple precautions, you can help ensure that your travel funds are safe.

  • Sign the Back of Your Card

    Immediately sign the back of the Card when you receive it.

  • Remember or Reset Your PIN

    Memorize the Card PIN provided with your Card, or call Customer Service to change it to something more memorable.

  • Create an Online Account

    Register your Card online, so you can easily check
    your Card balance and transaction history. Simply click on Register Your Card.

  • Store Your Backup Card Safely

    Bring the Backup Card when you travel, but keep it in its original packaging and store it separately. The Backup Card can only be activated and used if your Primary Card is lost or stolen. Learn More

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Use your American Express GlobalTravel Card to pay
for goods and services.

  • Use at Millions of Locations

    The Card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide, where American Express Cards are accepted. Simply look for the American Express logo. Learn More

  • Swipe and Sign

    To pay for a purchase, use the Card like any other payment card. There are no limits placed on your spending, up to the amount you have loaded on the Card.

  • Shop Online

    The Card can also be used for online purchases where American Express Cards are accepted.

Widthdraw Local Currency

You can use the American Express GlobalTravel Card worldwide at ATMs that accept American Express Cards.

  • Withdraw Local Currency

    When you need cash in the local currency, use your Card to withdraw the amount you need at a local ATM.

  • Locate ATMs

    To find ATMs worldwide where you can use your American Express GlobalTravel Card, please use the American Express ATM Finder.

Information regarding all ATM fees & limits is included in the Cardmember Agreement.

Lost card support

Report a lost or stolen Card immediately, by calling Customer Service. We can assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Activate the Backup Card

    We issue a Backup Card with a different PIN from your Primary Card at time of purchase - minimizing the inconvenience if your Primary Card is lost or stolen. Simply contact Customer Service to cancel the lost or stolen Primary Card and request your Backup Card to be activated for you, so you can continue accessing your funds. The Backup Card should only be activated if your Primary Card is lost or stolen.

  • Request Replacement Cards

    If your Backup Card is also lost or stolen, we can send a new Replacement Card to your preferred destination, at no extra cost.

  • Get Emergency Funds Access

    While you are waiting for your Replacement Card to be delivered, you can access the funds on your Card, up to $1,000 per day by emergency money transfer via Western Union. There is no fee for emergency funds access. Please note that funds will only be released to the Cardmember.

Information regarding all limits is included in the Cardmember Agreement.

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