Schedule of Services & Fees

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Last Modified: January 11, 2018

Unless you are a resident of an excluded state, or we otherwise waive or do not apply one or more fees in accordance with the terms of a program, special promotion or offer we may sponsor from time to time, we will impose the fees for the respective transactions set forth in the schedule below conducted through your Account as well as any Sub-Account(s) unless stated otherwise. All fees are in U.S. Dollars and remain subject to change in our discretion and where notice is provided as required by Applicable Law.

The schedule above sets forth fees we impose on the respective transactions. Other parties (such as merchants with respect to point of sale transactions, ATM operators or networks with respect to balance inquiries and access to funds in your Account, and other financial institutions with respect to transactions such as cash withdrawals at their branches) may impose separate fees on the same transactions and we make no accounting for those.

We will deduct all applicable fees from the balance in your Account, or as applicable, Sub-Account, at the time of the imposition of the fees.