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Supplier Standards and Conduct

Office of the Ombudsperson

The Office of the Ombudspersons is a resource American Express makes available to help employees, vendors, suppliers and contractors resolve American Express work-related issues. Conversations with the Ombudsperson are off the record, and are made with the understanding that they will be kept confidential. The Office is not part of the Company's formal management structure and therefore does not make policy or management decisions and does not conduct formal investigations. Communications with the Office of the Ombudsperson do not constitute notice to American Express Company of potential legal claims.

The Ombudsperson listens, coaches, and assists in developing options within the Company's processes and structures to help move issues to resolution. Individuals may contact the Office of the Ombudspersons anonymously or work with the Ombudspersons to have an issue presented to the Company anonymously.

Vendors, suppliers and contractors providing goods and services to American Express can utilize the Office for assistance in surfacing issues related directly to American Express. Such issues could include:

  • Inappropriate treatment or behavior by an American Express employee;
  • Information about, any potential violation of law or regulation;
  • American Express practices that vary from accepted standards for financial or business process controls; and
  • Failure to provide a safe and healthy work environment (if on American Express premises).

The Office of the Ombudspersons does not replace the formal resolution channels available to vendors, suppliers, and contractors.