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Note: These offers may not have a Welcome Bonus Offer or an Introductory APR.

By selecting "View My Card Offers," you authorize American Express to obtain your credit report to determine if you are pre-qualified for any offers and you acknowledge that (i) this is not an application for credit, (ii) American Express may review your recent credit history and/or other information and (iii) identification of pre-qualified offers does not guarantee account approval.

This is not a Credit Card application and your credit score won't be affected.

What does "Pre-Qualification" mean and what's in it for me?

Pre-qualification is how you find out which offers you're eligible for. Depending on your credit profile, you might be eligible for more personalized offers, say, a higher Welcome Bonus, or a lower APR. If you apply for a Card, your application will still be subject to our credit approval process

Will this impact my credit score?

Submitting this form will not impact your credit score.

What are you going to do with my information?

We use your credit information to tailor Card offers to you with no impact to your credit score.