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Go contactless

with American Express.


How to make a purchase with your contactless Card or digital wallet:


Step 1:

Check that your Card has the contactless indicator or add your Card to your digital wallet



Step 2:

Look for the contactless symbol at checkout to ensure the merchant accepts contactless payments.




Step 3:


Hold your Card or device within a few inches of the reader and wait for the confirmation - it's as simple as that.






Not sure if your Card is contactless? 



Check for the contactless indicator on the front or back of your Card. If you don't see it, request one now to enjoy fast and easy contactless payments. 











Where can you use your contactless payments?

More and more merchants are accepting contactless payments making checkout easier than ever before. Below are just a few places that accept contactless payments, but you can look for the contactless symbol to use it at many more. If the merchant does not accept contactless payments, you can still use your Card the same way you do today.


Contactless Device Payments

If you don't have your digital wallet set up, why not find out how easy it is to get started?



Shop Confidently

Contactless is just as secure as your current chip Card, and you are still protected by the same fraud protection and great benefits and services you expect of American Express.



American Express® App

With the Amex® App you can easily manage your Account and view Amex Offers on the go, plus get instant notifications on purchases made by you or your additional Card Members.



Not a Card Member yet?


From exclusive travel benefits to shopping and dining offers, to earning rewards, American Express has a Card to suit everyone, each with great benefits and world class service. Browse the full range and find the perfect match for you. 



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Now is the time to support the places you love. 

Shop Small®.


Small businesses are always there for us. Now is our chance to be there for them. When shopping at your local small businesses, checkout using contactless payments and help small businesses get back on their feet.