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For the first time ever, we can access your credit history in select countries outside the U.S. through Nova Credit, which could help you get approved for an American Express Card.*    

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If you’ve done things like pay bills, own a home or buy a car, you likely have credit history. 

Can my credit history outside the U.S. help me get a credit card here?


With your authorization, we can now access your credit history abroad from select countries, which could help you get approved for one of our Personal Cards.

Why is it helpful to have a U.S. credit card?



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Cash, Debit, or Credit



When do Americans use cash? Credit cards? Debit or check? Learn about common payment methods in the U.S.—and pros and cons of each.


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When it comes to managing finances, relocating to America can be complex. Here are 5 common ways expats spend too much—or lose—money in the U.S.


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Establish and Build Credit



It can be critically important to establish credit in the U.S. Learn why, so you can start building credit here—and leverage your credit history from back home. 


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Decoding Money in America


Textbook definitions of American finance terms are helpful, but learning local money slang can help you fully understand and embrace financial culture in the U.S. 


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Cost of Living


The overall cost of living in the U.S. may be high, but where you choose to live can make a big difference. Here’s a snapshot of the cost of housing, goods, and services. 


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