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We may be able to help you by temporarily lowering monthly payments and interest rates.*  

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Depending on your account status, our short-term plan may offer you the ability to make purchases within a reduced limit while you also make payments. Unlock this once you bring your balance below that limit.*

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Enrollment does not cancel your active Card, so you won't have to reapply for a Card when you successfully complete the program.*

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*See below for full Program Terms & Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Overview

Eligible Card Members may request to enroll in either the short-term payment plan or the long-term payment plan of the American Express Financial Relief Program (the “Program”) by visiting or [calling 1-866-703-4169] .The short-term payment plan can provide relief benefits for 12 months following enrollment and the long-term payment plan can provide relief benefits for 36 or 60 months following enrollment. Eligibility for the 36 or 60 month long-term payment plans will be based, in part, on your American Express Card product and will be communicated to you before you submit your request for enrollment. We will determine your eligibility for the Program upon your request to enroll, based on factors including delinquency status, prior enrollment in the Program or the balance on your Card account. After you exit the short term payment plan, your standard late fees and minimum due calculation will apply unless we notify or have notified you of a change. After the Reduced APR Period, your APR and annual membership fee, if any, will resume in accordance with your Cardmember Agreement. For the Short Term Program, the Reduced APR Period is the 12 consecutive billing periods beginning with the billing period during which your account is enrolled in the Financial Relief Program.


After you complete the long term payment plan or exit early for any reason, your Card account (s) will then be subject to the APR (s), fees and minimum due calculation as described in your Cardmember Agreement. 


Program Relief Benefits

While enrolled in the Program, you will have access to the following benefits:
• Your minimum monthly payment due may be reduced. The Program monthly payment will be disclosed to you at enrollment
• Your Card account will be subject to a reduced APR for balances subject to an interest rate, unless you have an APR that is lower than the Program APR, in which case the lower APR will apply until that APR expires (if that rate has an expiration)
• We will waive your late payment fee, and also annual membership fees (if any), if it otherwise would have been charged while you are enrolled in the Program
• For the short-term payment plan only, you may be able to make purchases up to a reduced spending limit, which will be disclosed to you following enrollment and may adjust at any time during the Program.


If, prior to enrollment, you are at or over your spending limit, you will not be able to make purchases until you bring your balance below the limit. You will also not be able to make purchases if your account is cancelled, if any of your accounts or loans are past due, or if a payment has been returned. 


Program Requirements

In order to maintain all the benefits of the Program, you must comply with the Program Terms, which will be communicated to you at enrollment and which will include the requirements that:
• Monthly Program Payments for your American Express Card and/or Loan account (s) enrolled in the Program must be made in accordance with the terms of the Program
• If you do not make Monthly Program Payments by the following statement closing date (on consecutive billing cycles) on any of your enrolled Card or Loan account(s), you may be removed from the Program 


Program Limitations

Program limitations will be communicated to you during enrollment, which will include the following:

• If enrolled in the long-term payment plan, you will be unable to use your Card to make purchases while in the Program
• You may not have access to all Card benefits and features
• Card accounts with a balance less than $100 dollars may be automatically cancelled and may not be enrolled in the Program. You will be informed of all impacts at time of enrollment. 


Impact on your Credit Score

• Any reduction to your credit limit , on enrollment into the Program , may have a negative impact on your credit score
• If your account is reported to consumer credit bureaus and if you are enrolled in the long-term payment plan, we will inform the consumer credit bureaus that you are participating in a payment plan, which will not directly impact your credit score, but will be visible to other lenders.
• If you do not comply with the Program Terms and you are being reported to the credit bureaus, we will report that status, which may negatively impact your credit score.
• If you are removed from the Program because you do not comply with the Program terms, your Card account(s) may be cancelled which may impact your credit score.