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Home Décor Ideas (Without Breaking the Bank)


After saving, preparing, negotiating and waiting, you've finally gotten the keys to your new house. As momentous as the process has been to choose a property, secure a mortgage, and sign on the dotted line, the truly memorable part is about to begin: transforming your real estate purchase into your "home, sweet home."


While you have lots of home décor ideas for your new residence, you might also have a new mortgage and a budget to stick to. Here are some strategies to keep your spending in check, while still making your new home your own.

Home décor savings using credit card reward points

Freshen up empty rooms


If you plan to do some prep work, from patching up holes to painting the walls to floor refinishing, it’s best to tackle these tasks before you move in all your things. Whether you hire a pro service or are a DIYer, you might be able to get some help from your credit card rewards program. For instance, you could redeem Membership Rewards points* for a gift card to your favorite home improvement store to help alleviate some of the costs.


Bonus tip: Make a "must-do now" list (like repainting the dated, damaged walls in the kitchen), and a "can wait" list (such as updating the tiles in the extra bathroom), and only work on the musts, or what fits your budget.


Fill your home with love (and furniture!)

Depending on how many rooms you have to furnish, credit cards can help you foot some of the bill. If you're in the market for a new card, look for one that may offer no intro Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on new purchases. That way you have time to pay off that new sofa and dining set with no interest as long as you make your minimum monthly payments.
Even better, you'll also be earning Membership Rewards points*, which you can redeem later to help fund some finishing touches from wall décor and area rugs, to window treatments and lighting. 
Bonus tip: Don't feel like you have to fill every space. In fact, you may come to like having some open areas (perfect for a Christmas tree or setting up a playpen for when your niece visits).
Low budget furniture décor with 0% intro APR
Home décor search online

Add some fun frugal touches


Oftentimes, it's not the pricey items that make homes feel warm and welcoming–it's the family heirlooms, quirky gifts from loved ones and your kids' handmade artwork. Plus, shopping thrift stores, yard sales and local marketplaces when you travel just may help you discover a unique lawn décor item or conversation piece for your den.


Bonus tip: Search online  for some clever ways to repurpose old furniture and items into cool shelving, or pick up ideas for how to display photos. Think of your new home as a work in progress; things will always change as your style evolves and your family grows. By taking your time and taking advantage of the benefits your financial products have to offer, you can gradually add character and uniqueness into the place you proudly call home.

 If you want to pay big purchases over time without racking up interest fees, check out 0% Intro APR Credit Card Offers from American Express.

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