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Amex Express Checkout

Amex Express Checkout is a powerful commerce solution that merchant developers can easily integrate into any stage of your existing customer payment processing journey.

With Amex Express Checkout, you can get access to the Card account data you need to enable Card Members to quickly and seamlessly check out on your sites.

The solution comes with embedded security features and customer authentication performed by American Express and requires no changes to your payment processing.

1Customer clicks on Amex Express Checkout button on your site.
2 Amex authenticates customer; customer chooses and passes any required secondary validation steps
3 Information delivered to merchant, customer reviews and submits on the merchant's page

Our partners make it even easier

American Express has teamed up with partners to make it easier and more secure for merchants to integrate Amex Express Checkout into their online checkout process.


The integration at a glance

  • Easy-to-use Javascript, iOS and Android SDKs for desktop, tablet, mobile web and native mobile integrations
  • No APIs needed. All information is passed in simple encrypted response into response handler
  • Product uses one-way SSL for transport encryption and Message Authentication Code (MAC) Token for authentication
  • Utilizes Digital Primary Account Numbers (D-PANs), EMV based tokens that fully replace the Primary Account Numbers (PANs)

System flow

Below you will see the core system flow for Amex Express Checkout. The flow should give a sense of the simple integration and how it interacts with your front and back end. It is worth noting again that the solution does not require any changes to your existing payment operation. For full access to the documentation please register or login.

System flow
  • Merchant creates the JSON Object containing the required parameters
  • Upon button click, javascript opens the Amex window and passes the JSON object. After ensuring it's a valid merchant, American Express Logon Page is displayed
  • Customer enters their Username and Password and selects a card from list of available cards
  • American Express encrypts the customer's card details (name, address, DPAN, etc). American Express posts encrypted payload to merchant call back function Note: This card information can be stored in your vault as "card on file" for future transactions.
  • Merchant passes the encrypted payload to their backend and decrypts the payload
  • Merchant presents the order review page to the customer (specifically, full DPAN must not be available or visible in the front end. FPAN last 4 should be displayed to represent the card). After customer confirms purchase on the merchant site, merchant processes the transaction using the decrypted card details

Getting started

Step 1: Register or login with your American Express merchant account or developer credentials to access the developer portal and our test environment

Step 2: Test the product in our QA environment

Step 3: Request access to the Production environment and add the Amex Express Checkout button to your test site

Step 4: Submit your application or site for approval and accept any applicable terms of use