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How to Correct Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Spotted an unauthorized credit card charge on your statement? Concerned about payments getting through? Generally, you will not be liable for fraudulent charges made to your account, but it is still wise to monitor and rectify the situation to avoid damage to your available credit and your long term credit portfolio. Learn how you can manage and avoid credit card billing errors with the information below.

Be Proactive

The best way to handle unauthorized credit card transactions or billing errors is to be conscientious about checking your card statement. Log in to your online account and review your statement and recent purchases to check for charges you don’t recognize. If you notice an incorrect or unauthorized charge on your credit card billing statement, or if there is any other kind of error, contact your credit card issuer.

Keep Information Secure

To reduce the likelihood of unauthorized charges on your credit card, avoid sharing your credit information with anyone and try not to save card information online. When shopping online, make sure websites have a secure connection and do not send card information via email. You may also want to sign up for alerts that let you know if your card was used in an unusual way so you can confirm it was you or stop the purchase approval. If your card is lost or stolen, contact the issuer immediately to reduce anyone’s ability to use your card without your knowledge.

Monitor Payments for Processing Errors

Unauthorized credit card transactions aren’t the only billing errors you could encounter. Sometimes payments do not go through immediately or even at all. Make sure you keep an eye on your account around your payment due date to ensure payments remitted through your bank go through. Some banks may even offer coverage or protection for payment processing errors if you set payment to be sent by a certain date and they are unable to get it to your credit card company in time. If this happens, contact the bank to ensure payment is on its way and contact your card issuer to explain the situation.

Contact American Express to Manage Unauthorized Charges or Payment Processing Errors

Use the phone number on the back of your Card, or go online to contact American Express about a credit card billing error. While an investigation is under way, billing of the amount in question is suspended until the dispute is resolved. If your dispute is accepted, a credit is issued. If your dispute is denied, you will be given an explanation and documentation supporting why your dispute was denied. You then have at least 10 days to make the payment or re-dispute the item.