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Benefits of Approaching Import-Export Business with a 'Global Mindset'

By Megan Doyle

A “global mindset” is quickly becoming a valuable asset for organizations involved in import-export business. Defined as the ability to recognize cultural differences while doing business, and adapt and respond to cultural signals, a “global mindset” can help ensure international businesses remain effective – or seize new opportunities – when engaging in import-export trade.

A plethora of resources are available to support international businesses when adopting a global mindset, helping to foster more import-export trade opportunities and mitigate some well-known international business risks.


This four-part series takes a close look at how import-export businesses may benefit from adopted a global mindset, and includes a variety of resources to help international businesses kick off their global mindset development journey.


Part 1: Balancing Home-Field Business Practices and ‘Global Mindset’ for Import-Export Trade Success


International import and export businesses might see greater success when they adopt a global mindset and focus on understanding the subtleties of various cultures. But international businesses have a natural tendency to follow their traditional home-field practices, which can often lead to cultural misunderstandings. This article explores the balance of adopting a culturally diverse outlook while effectively following an organization’s conventional standards. Read more about Balancing Home-Field Business Practices and ‘Global Mindset’ for Import-Export Trade Success.


Part 2: How a Global Mindset Can Foster Import-Export Trade Opportunities


International trade can be difficult. But fostering a global mindset can help import-export trade opportunities blossom. International businesses with a global outlook are often more likely to use cultural and geographic differences as opportunities than setbacks. Here are some areas of business where import-export traders may see the most positive impact. Read more about How a Global Mindset Can Foster Import-Export Trade Opportunities.


Part 3: Can a Global Mindset Mitigate Import-Export Business Risks?


Commercial, political, economic, and cultural risks are no strangers in the international business landscape. Here’s how adopting a global mindset may help international businesses mitigate the risks of import-export trade and reap the rewards of effective import-export business practices. Read more on how a Global Mindset May Help Mitigate Import-Export Business Risks.


Part 4: How Import-Export Businesses Can Develop a ‘Global Mindset’


Many organizations are starting to integrate internal cultural competence training into their businesses. An abundance of government-provided resources, international resources, and private programs and organizations are available for import-export businesses and international business professionals looking to cultivate or enrich their global mindset. Read more about Resources to Help Import-Export Businesses Develop a Global Mindset.

Megan Doyle - The Author

The Author

Megan Doyle

Megan Doyle is a business technology writer and researcher based in Wantagh, NY, whose work focuses primarily on financial services technology.

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