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Outgoing International Payment Methods for Businesses

American Express® FX International Payments helps make outgoing international B2B payments simple, secure and rewarding.1


Our convenient international payments system offers methods to send outgoing payments in foreign currencies to established suppliers in select overseas markets.

American Express® FX International Payments provides simple and secure outgoing international payment methods and solutions to streamline B2B payments to international suppliers

Outgoing International Payment Methods At A Glance


  • No setup or account maintenance fees

  • Transfer times are typically 2-4 business days (delivery times depend on currency and country)

  • View online payment history, currency type and more

  • Foreign exchange (forex) in 110+ countries, 80+ currencies

  • Competitive Exchange Rates

  • Receive reliable customer support via phone and email, 24-hours-a-day, 5 days-a-week

  • American Expresss® Card Membership not required to utilize FX International Payments’ services

Advantages Of B2B Payments For Your Business


Make the B2B payment process simple and secure with American Express FX International Payments. With the ability to send outgoing international payments in most major currencies, your business can develop new relationships with clients in select overseas markets.

  • Deliver timely B2B payments to suppliers for time-sensitive orders and shipments

  • Purchase materials and pay suppliers in select overseas markets at short notice with the FX International Payments’ online payments system

  • Make B2B payments to other departments and subsidiaries, facilitating intra-company currency transfers

  • Conduct business in select overseas markets by making timely tax payments, as well as licensing fees and tariffs with FX International Payments

  • Use outgoing international payments to pay employees in select foreign markets, in 80+ currencies

  • Reduce exposure to foreign exchange rate fluctuations and help prevent unexpected losses by using fixed and window forward contracts, which allow you to lock in foreign exchange rates2

  • Access rate alerts to inform your payment schedule

  • Access competitive foreign exchange rates when paying international suppliers

  • Access outgoing international payment methods that provide simple, secure, integrated, efficient and potentially rewarding alternative solutions to other FX payment providers

See more ways American Express FX International Payments can help businesses

American Express FX international payment solutions have several features that make them secure and convenient to use

Membership Rewards® Program

  • Receive one Membership Rewards® point for every $30 USD in foreign currency wires sent internationally, up to a maximum of 4,000 points per transaction if enrolled.1

  • A Membership Rewards® program-enrolled American Express® Card is required to take advantage of this offer.

  • Points can be redeemed for travel, shopping, dining and entertainment rewards.

American Express Rewards for International Payments