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International Payment Methods and Solutions for Businesses

Our range of Products and Payment Services are designed to help businesses save time and effort


We offer business products and global payment solutions to send and receive international payments, supporting businesses working with overseas suppliers and customers.

American Express offers businesses simple international payment methods send money internationally.


We offer businesses a simple way to send money internationally with easy-to-use online global payment solutions, offering transparent pricing and flexible work flow solutions.

American Express has a century’s experience as a trusted FX global provider in international currency payments and global payment solutions.


We have more than a century’s experience as a trusted FX global provider in international currency payments and global payment solutions. Our customer support staff is available to assist you with your international payments Monday-Friday, 24 hours a day.

American Express offers Membership Rewards® Points for international business transactions.


You can get one Membership Rewards® point for every 30 USD of foreign currency wires your business sends internationally, up to a maximum of 4,000 points per transaction if enrolled.1 Points can be redeemed for travel, shopping, dining and entertainment rewards.

American Express offers global payment solutions which can be easily integrated with many ERP systems and accounting software.


We can support a broad variety of FX needs, whether you have an American Express Card or not. We offer full integration with many ERP systems and accounting software through our solution, SYNC.

Key Features

  • Easy to sign up

  • Solutions available for those that do and those that don’t have American Express Cards

  • No setup fees or account maintenance fees

  • Competitive foreign currency exchange rates, helping businesses reduce costs for global payments

  • Customer support, Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day – ask us anything from account setup to settlement of currency transfers

  • 110+ countries, 80+ currencies

  • File upload service for multiple payments saves businesses time and helps ensure that critical, timely and regular international payments are made and received

  • Settle transactions from existing U.S. business bank accounts, increasing convenience and decreasing costs

  • Eligible Card Members can receive Membership Rewards points on eligible currency transactions1

American Express FX international payment solutions have several features that make them secure and convenient to use

International Payments At A Glance


  • No setup or account maintenance fees
  • No fee for incoming currency payments
  • Competitive fees for outgoing foreign and same currency payments
  • Simple setup procedure with support from world-class American Express customer service

Transfer Times:

  • For outgoing wire transfers, typically 2-4 business days (delivery times depend on currency and country)


  • Real-time foreign exchange rates - Log in to your account for access to real- time foreign exchange rates. (Real- time rates may not be available outside of business hours.)
  • In-depth and flexible reporting services - Processing, reconciliation, transaction history – all in one place.
  • Customer support - Our experienced customer support team is available Monday to Friday, 24-hours-a-day.
  • No software needed - Our simple and secure online platform is available, anywhere there’s a secure Internet connection.
  • Secure - Explore our Security Center to learn more about the measures we take to protect you.
  • File upload - Submit multiple payments in a single upload operation, saving time and reducing manual keying errors.
  • Link directly to U.S. business bank account for settlements.
  • Receive confirmations of your transaction via email - Useful if you’re away from the office.

Tailored International Payments Solutions for Businesses

For businesses that handle large numbers of international payments, we have a range of integration solutions. Please call to find out which solution is right for you.

SYNC is our integrated international payment service that provides a simple, automated and secure online solution, which helps your business save time.

American Express provides tailored global payment solutions which can be easily integrated with other ERP systems and accounting software.

More about FX International Payments for Businesses

Benefits of Wire Transfers

Send payments directly to your beneficiary’s bank account. It’s fast, secure and simple. You can use your existing U.S. business bank account. Outgoing Wire transfers typically reach the recipient’s bank account in 2 to 4 business days.

Benefits of Forward Contracts

Forward contracts allow you to reduce exposure to foreign exchange rate movements by locking in the exchange rate for a payment, up to 12 months in advance.2

Sending Payments in US Dollars or Foreign Currency

Depending on the destination of your payment, you may have the option to send U.S. Dollars or a foreign currency.

Talk to your recipient to find out what kind of payment they want to receive.