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Credit Card Automatic Update Service – Cardrefresher℠ from American Express®


Realize the benefits of a better billing experience.


We see the big picture


American Express sees how changing Card information affects your business. Cardrefresher can help your business avoid customer service issues that may arise as a result of using outdated information for your customers' recurring purchases or those made with card information that is kept on file.






  • Reducing payment disruptions that may arise due to a Card replacement or upgrade to avoid inconveniencing your customers
  • Streamlining back office operations by lowering the costs associated with tracking down Card information
  • Implementing a solution that can be integrated into your existing billing infrastructure

Contact your American Express representative for more information about Cardrefresher


How it works



Send an initial registry file containing American Express Card information for the Card Members with whom you have recurring billing and card-on-file relationships.*


Cardrefresher monitors this list daily for changes to your customers' Card information, and sends a secure electronic file with any updates ready to be integrated into your existing billing infrastructure.


Whenever you have new accounts to add to your list, simply send us a new registry file with the Card information of those new accounts.



*Cardrefresher helps you obtain updated Account information when a Card Member arranges for you : 1) to charge his/her Account at regular intervals and/or 2) to store his/her Account number and charge the Account when the Card Member requests a product or service in connection with an isolated transaction or transaction that is not otherwise part of a series of transactions to occur at regular intervals