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Email us or call 855-213-5726 for more information.

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Email us to learn more about accepting American Express.

Email us to find your rates.


Our Dedicated Service Team will contact you at your most convenient time to answer any questions.





Make Our Card Members Your Regulars


On average, annual spend of American Express Card® Members is 3x that of non-Card Members.1

 Plus, the average transaction size of an American Express Card Member is 1.7x that of non-Card Members.2







Listen to what valued Franchise merchants have to say about the powerful backing of American Express. 


Setting Up Is Easy



No changes are required to your terminal or processor.

Simply call us or email us to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help.




Benefits for Your Franchise


24/7 Support


Use online tools to help you manage

your cash flow and run your

franchise business more efficiently. 


Fraud Protection


Help stop fraud before it happens

with a suite of reliable fraud

prevention tools and support. 


Signage and Supplies


Let Card Members know

you want their business.