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American Express Multi-Currency (MCCY) enables you to grow your online or card-not-present business internationally, reaching Card Members across borders with 131 submission and 18 settlement currencies.*



International Expansion


  • Reach untapped countries without the cost of establishing physical local presence.
  • Your international customers can pay in their local currency, so you maintain a seamless payment experience as you expand your business.


Sales Generation


  • Localization and price transparency generate international business, attracting new customers across borders and driving revenue.


Efficient FX Management


  • Automatic currency conversion, centralized reporting, and flexible settlement options help streamline your foreign exchange management.


How It Works


1. Contact your American Express representative to select your submission and settlement currencies and establish your MCCY merchant accounts.


2. Work with your certified processor to establish connectivity for submission of your American Express MCCY transactions.


3. Begin accepting American Express Card transactions in your selected eligible foreign currencies, and receive payment in your selected currencies via your preferred settlement option.




*Certain countries may have restricted settlement option and some currencies may have restrictions due to regulatory requirements.  For more information contact your American Express Representative.