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COVID-19 Update: We appreciate your patience as we navigate this unprecedented time. Our customer care teams are hard at work to help you, but wait times are higher than normal. We strongly encourage you to self-service your Personal Loan account online. For more information please visit our Coronvirus Support page.

Live your life to the fullest with the help of an American Express® Personal Loan.1

Live your life to the fullest with the help of an American Express® Personal Loan.1

Loans between $3,500 and $40,000* with no origination fee or pre-payment penalty

Fixed interest rates with APRs as low as 6.98%*

No credit score impact to check your offer2

Quick application and decision in minutes

Repayment Example

An American Express Personal Loan of $10,000 repaid over 36 months at 7.98% APR will have a monthly payment of $313.32 and the total cost will be $11,279. Actual rates, interest and cost may vary.

* Not all customers will be eligible for the lowest APR, the highest loan amount, or the same repayment period options.

To learn more, see Terms and Conditions.

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Estimate a monthly payment with our loan calculator:

See what your monthly payment could be based on a loan amount you enter and your estimated credit score.

Enter a Loan Amount:Between $3,500 and $40,000
Select Estimated Credit Score:
Thank you for considering American Express Personal Loans. Individuals with poor credit may not meet the minimum requirements for American Express Personal Loans at this time, and are encouraged to improve their credit score and then check eligibility.
Estimated Monthly Payment:
12 Monthly Payments
24 Monthly Payments
36 Monthly Payments
Monthly payment amounts displayed above are estimates and assume an APR based on the lowest FICO score within the range selected, as follows: 6.99% APR (Excellent), 8.99% APR (Very Good), 11.99% APR (Good), 14.99% APR (Average), 18.99% APR (Fair). Your pre-approved APR and loan amount will be determined by your creditworthiness and other factors at time of pre-approval, and will not be based solely on your FICO score. Not all customers will be pre-approved for the lowest APR, the highest loan amount or all repayment periods. Your monthly payments will be based on your pre-approved APR, the loan amount and repayment period that you select when you apply. See American Express Personal Loans Terms and Conditions.

How It Works

Personal loans with your choice of repayment period.


Tell us how much you want to borrow up to your eligible amount.


Select the monthly payment option that works for you.


If approved, review the terms of your loan.

You can also quickly and easily set up automatic payments on your loan, making those fixed monthly payments even simpler for you to manage.