Small Business Week In Review

Each week, OPEN Forum's editors round up the most compelling advice from our contributors. Here are this week's highlights.
Executive Editor, Editors
July 14, 2011

Each week, OPEN Forum's editors round up the most compelling entrepreneurial news and advice from our contributors and others. Here are this week’s highlights:


The 5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Starting A Company 

The most prominent one, according to serial entrepreneur Andy Beal? You must write a business plan. “If you want to write a business plan, go ahead,” Beal writes. “But know this: your business is unlikely to be any more successful if you create one.” Check out the rest of Beal’s list of startup lies.

Is Now The Time To Open A Restaurant? 

 We’ve combed through restaurant industry data, highlighted key stats, and portrayed it all in a visually-stimulating infographic to help you decide. You’re welcome.

4 Changes You Should Make To Your Business Card Right Now 

“I don’t care how ugly you are,” writes KISSmetrics co-founder Neil Patel. “If you’re presentable enough to shake someone’s hand in person, you are almost guaranteed to make more money from having your face on your card.” Patel also offers the practical reason why glossy finishes are a no-no in “4 Ways To Make Your Business Card A Networking Powerhouse.”

Would You Pass The Marshmallow Test?

In his most recent OPEN Forum post, Mike Periu cites a 1972 experiment in which a Stanford psychologist tested the patience of children by tempting them with marshmallows. In the end, there was a correlation between one of the groups of children and future success. Check out the article to find out if you would pass the marshmallow test.

5 Ways To Hire Top Talent Before They Are Stars

Want to hire future star employees but not commit to the salary expected from those who’ve already proven they are stars? Career-counseling virtuoso Penelope Trunk offers five unconventional ways to identify potential rockstar employees in the making.

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