3 Traits of Truly Great Salespeople

In today's wired world, salespeople need to be good with people -- kind, honest and empathetic -- as well as good at sales.
December 17, 2012

Sales ability is no longer the only attribute that matters when it comes to sales personnel, writes Stacey Alcorn. In today's interconnected world, salespeople must be empathetic and kind, she explains. "The number one trait of a really good salesperson is their ability to put themselves in the shoes of others."

They must also be honest, Alcorn writes. "Technology is great for weeding out all the dishonest salespeople in today's new world of business," she adds. "If you have a salesperson that has cheated someone, you'll find out through a Google or a Topsy alert when the disgruntled customer writes a blog about it."

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Photo: iStockphoto