3 Web Tools for Employee Creativity

These online services can help your employees create and collaborate more easily.
June 08, 2012

Innovation is what will take your new business to the next level, as long as you know how to manage it effectively. If you're struggling with this, the following three online resources can help. Each is a comprehensive knowledge center full of expert information about innovation principles and practices.

Spigit. Spigit provides social collaboration tools that enable organizations to tap into the collective intelligence of employees, customers, partners and fans to help tackle business objectives and innovate new products and ideas. The platform uses incentives and game mechanics to inspire communities to action. While most of Spigit’s customers are large enterprises, there is a lot of valuable information on the site that can be useful for smaller businesses as well.

Head over to Spigit’s Knowledge Center for a wide range of downloadable white papers and reports from a variety of sources, including The Wall Street Journal, McKinsey & Co. and PWC. Topics range from commercializing innovation to the future of technology. You can also view a range of webinars on topics such as creating hit products and innovation best practices.

The Spigit blog features lots of original content, along with posts from leading blogs such as Innovationmanagement.se. You'll also find book reviews, interviews with innovation leaders, and musings on how the TV show Glee can teach us about product innovation.

American Institute for Innovation Excellence. The AIIE is a nonprofit think tank whose mission is to provide a key leadership role in the research, design, development and execution of “next practices” in the fields of innovation management, idea management and organizational creativity management.

The site offers models, tools and templates you can use to create innovation excellence. It also offers low- and no-cost online training webinars designed to introduce businesspeople to the fundamentals, best practices and next practices of innovation and idea management. You can download the Institute’s free research reports on topics such as innovation best practices and executing innovation.

The site’s blog, Think for a Change, is also the name of AIIE Executive Director Paul R. Williams’ innovation management consultancy. You’ll find lots of good suggestions and articles such as “Key Questions in Innovation Management,” “An Executive Checklist for Innovation” and how to “Walk the Talk” when leading your company in innovation.

The PDMA Source. The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is a global organization that helps individuals and organizations become more effective at product development and management. It provides resources for professional development, collaboration and promotion of new product development and management.

At The PDMA Source, you’ll find articles, transcripts, presentations, podcasts and webcasts, videos, white papers, benchmarking studies and more, some free and others for purchase. Topics include market research, intellectual property, creating a culture of innovation, how to develop and execute processes for new product innovation, strategy, technology and alliances.

The site is also designed for interaction with online communities, forums and other social networking opportunities for anyone involved in product development. There are industry-specific as well as topic-specific groups and forums you can participate in to learn and share about issues such as sustainable innovation, legal and ethical issues surrounding new product development, process and execution, product design, social media and more.

Managing innovation can be tricky for a new business, use these three online resources to help you get a handle on it.

How does your business manage innovation?

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