4 Must-Have Reminder Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

Small-business owners have enough to remember. Use these four apps to free your mind.
Associate Features Editor, Mashable
January 17, 2013 Back in college—or even more recently—some of us might have put a couple room-temperature Cokes in the freezer to chill. Had we remembered those cans were nestled precariously between two ice trays, we could have saved them from exploding into a mess of sugary, apocalyptic sludge.

Enter the reminder app. Had we set a simple countdown on our phones, we wouldn't have had to spend the next half-hour cleaning out that arctic Coca-Cola with paper towels and dish soap.

Aside from undergrad antics, reminder apps work wonders in assisting the hectic business owner or startup founder. You can set reminders for when you enter a specific location radius, or for when your dry cleaning needs to be picked up.

Give these four reminder and task apps a try:

1. Due
This low-friction app lets you create and access reminders quickly and simply, without getting in the way of your calendar. It requires minimal settings, tags or end dates. Finally, we love the app's "egg timer" feature, a tool that saves countdowns for mundane actions, like steeping tea or taking a power nap.

2. COL Reminder
Available in more than 20 languages, the COL Reminder app boasts a straightforward interface for everyday tasks.

3. Checkmark
Checkmark's distinction is its ability to tag reminders by location. Set a radius around a location; once you reach it, your phone will notify you after a specified time. For instance, set Checkmark to remind you to walk the dog 15 minutes after you arrive home.

4. Astrid
This comprehensive to-do app keeps your reminders in check with shared task lists. You'll not only be on top of future plans, you'll maximize productivity and stay apprised of your loved ones' activities with this communicative app.

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