5 Apps to Digitize Your Business Cards

Let your phone do the busywork of contact management while you spend more time making real connections with your network.
October 22, 2012

While we're rapidly headed toward a paperless society, people still love their business cards and enjoy the ritual of exchanging them with their clients and other contacts. Still, it's important to make sure you have all that information where your actually going to use it—like in your smartphone or e-mail account.  

These five mobile apps either scan paper business cards into the cloud for easy organization or create and share digital cards, so you can spare yourself the trouble of manually entering in all those names, titles, addresses and numbers. 


Powered by LinkedIn, the CardMunch app is pretty simple. From the app, take a photo of a business card and convert the information to an address book contact on your iPhone. You may tweak the settings to either automatically add contacts or edit them first. And of course, the apps lets you view a contact's LinkedIn information and see what connections you have in common.


With Shoeboxed you have three options to digitize your business cards: Either snail mail the physical cards using a Shoeboxed envelope, scan and upload cards via a Web browser or send business cards electronically to Shoeboxed from the mobile app. The service scans business cards and receipts and enters the information into a secure online account, which you can search by keyword. After your 30-day free trial, take a look at the pricing options.


Cardcloud lets you design and share your own digital business card. Recipients don't require the Cardcloud app. Once you receive a card, the app stores your location, so you will always remember where you met someone. You may also add notes and talking points, as well as access social information directly from the digital business cards.


"Put a design studio in your pocket. No black turtleneck required" is CardFlick's tagline. Choose one of 20 beautiful, customizable themes for a unique business card design. The app geolocates for easy sharing, even if the recipient doesn't have the app. CardFlick stores all business cards you receive in the cloud.


Download the Bump app, enter your contact information, along with a picture and you'll always have a virtual business card on hand. Then either e-mail or bump phones with someone else to send that information. Note: In order to bump, your recipient needs to have the app; otherwise, send contact information via e-mail.

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