5 Business Blogs That Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Reading blogs can be a dangerous time-sink. But devoting 10 minutes a day to a few is a great way to stay on top of trends.
June 13, 2011

No doubt, reading blogs can be a dangerous time-sink if you’re not careful. But devoting 10 minutes a day to scanning a few well-selected ones—in addition to those you’ve already discovered on OPEN Forum—is a great way to stay on top of trends that you can’t afford to ignore in your business. Here are some good ones to bookmark.

Entrepreneurial Thought In Action

Written by the faculty at Babson College—one of the nation’s leading schools for entrepreneurship—this well-edited blog will keep you in touch with interesting case studies, insights on the secret sauce that makes some business owners so successful, what Washington policy means for entrepreneurs and more. Reading it is like getting the best tidbits from an MBA program without having to sit in a lecture hall.

The New Entrepreneur

This newsy blog from Bloomberg Businessweek will keep you abreast of key developments that are likely to have a direct impact on your company. It also delves into interesting side issues. One recent post covered new findings on dyslexia and entrepreneurs, a subject of perennial interest in the business community.


You already know that maximizing every working hour is essential if you run a small business and want to have a semblance of a personal life. Lifehacker's Shortcut of the Day, focused on tech, is a great resource to help you maximize your time at the computer. One recent tip: How to use keyboard commands to call up your browser, so you don’t have to click on your desktop or type in the Web address.


Looking for insightful answers to questions like: How much political lobbying contributed to the financial crisis? Or is the Fed responsible for higher oil prices? Then this lively blog is a must-read. At the very least, it’ll leave you well-prepared for your next cocktail-party debate or panel discussion.

Gary Whitehill

Whitehill is the young entrepreneur behind New York Entrepreneur Week. Covering topics ranging from how to embrace your inner critic to the unanticipated challenges of bootstrapping, he draws on his experience with a wide spectrum of startups to offer interesting advice and inspiration. If you’re feeling worn out and jaded, log on for a jolt of youthful energy.