Are You Missing Out on a Huge Advertising Opportunity?

Business owners who use graphic ads on their company vehicles have the right idea, but fail in a few specific areas.
Author, Profit First
March 21, 2013

Some of the best advertising you can buy? Graphics for your company vehicle. Before you invest in rolling imagery for your company cars or trucks, consider three of the most common mistakes from Vickery Thad of AllinCareer:  

1. Your ad is interruption advertising, so it’d better be worth looking at. Decide what you want to accomplish with your ad—raise awareness of your business, generate sales, create a call-to-action or create buzz (among other things).
2. Don’t base your graphics on images other businesses have on their trucks. Marketing is based on who your customers are, not your competitors. 
3. Get people involved in the design from the beginning. Make sure everyone knows what your plan for the design is—driving traffic to the site, creating awareness or gathering emails.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a company truck without some sort of graphics, even if it was just the company name, logo and slogan. Can you? If you’re not taking advantage of the "free" ad space on your company vehicles, or even your own personal vehicle, you may be missing out on a chance to let people know who you are. Constantly hone your message, and while you do, seek feedback from others. First, let them your objective so they understand what you’re trying to accomplish and aren’t inadvertently sidetracked by whether they “like the art.” Communicate something of value with your ad—something people can go to your website to get. You can even think of your ad as a bribe to get potential customer emails, which could lead to a long-term relationship. 


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Photo: Getty Images