Creating a Hiring Process That Yields Results

Most business owners are quick to hire and slow to fire. Avoid that by creating a systematic hiring process, including these steps.
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January 23, 2013 Most business owners are quick to hire and slow to fire. This causes a never-ending stream of problems for their company. Building the most effective team starts with having a systematic hiring process. It's the small-business owner's job to get a true picture of the candidate's skills and attitudes before making an offer. The process becomes more complicated when some job candidates aren't honest when discussing their qualifications.

Diana Gabriel, a certified professional coach, advises her clients to follow these procedures:
  • Use a formal job application. Know questions that can be asked.
  • List vague or misleading answers from candidates so they can be revisited.
  • Get signed legal waivers for background checks.
One reference should be someone the candidate directly reported to in a recent job. It's also important to ask that reference for another name of someone who may know the candidate. This way, the prospective employer can learn more about the candidate from someone who is not a direct referral. 

What does your systematic hiring process look like?

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