How Can You Motivate Employees Who Have Lost Interest?

About two-thirds of percent of employees report feeling "disengaged" in their work. How does that affect your business's productivity?
February 05, 2013

According to a Towers Watson survey, 66 percent of employees felt "disengaged" in their work. A Dale Carnegie survey found that most of these employees are 31-49 years old. They are highly educated, but have annual incomes less than $50,000. They also have been with the company less than a year. This obviously hurts their productivity and increases employee turnover, which costs every small business money.

Unfortunately, this issue is mostly ignored by small-business owners, since it's so difficult for them to identify solutions that actually work. Forget relying on bringing lunch in for employees or just giving holiday bonuses to keep employees interested. One idea to keep them involved:

Give ownership of action back to the employees. Stop taking the monkeys off employees' back. If they identify the problem, have them implement the solution too!

Employees want to have a positive impact on your organization. Let me!

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