50 Resolutions You Should Have Made

There's still time! Choosing and sticking to a few select resolutions can make a big difference in your business, and life.
Author, Profit First
January 09, 2013

Everyone makes personal New Year's resolutions, but have you thought about having employees (and yourself) come up with business resolutions?

Don’t think in terms of size. A resolution as simple (ha!) as cleaning off your desk every day or going home at the same time every night (midnight is not an option), can do amazing things for your business and your life. If you haven't come up with any resolutions for the year ahead, there's no better time to do so than right now. I've come up with 50 great resolutions for you to choose from, guaranteed to improve your business and life.

1. Resolve to work less, yet make more.
2. Resolve to get out of the comfort zone.
3. Resolve to take massive action.
4. Resolve to be physically healthy, so you can fully be there for your business.
5. Resolve to fully be there for your family, so you can fully be there for your business.
6. Resolve to fire that one horrible client.
7. Resolve to over deliver for all your best clients for the entire year.
8. Resolve to take time off and recharge the human battery.
9. Resolve to defeat your fears, by doing something that scares you.
10. Resolve to start every morning by saying “I am ______.” Fill in the blank with your biggest dream for yourself.
11. Resolve to spend at least two hours a day, every day, working on your business and not in it.
12. Resolve to do less, which will make you better at the fewer things you do.
13. Resolve to save 5 percent of every dollar you earn, in an account that you never look at (until next year).
14. Resolve to surround yourself with entrepreneurs performing at the next level.
15. Resolve to appreciate the journey of entrepreneurship.
16. Resolve to make your business be a full expression of who you are.
17. Resolve to break a world record with your business.
18. Resolve to learn a new piece of software that will grow your business.
19. Resolve to write a book. Seriously!
20. Resolve to do the stuff you don’t want to do first. The rest will be a breeze.
21. Resolve to hire an assistant.
22. Resolve to delegate your work, and not to micromanage.
23. Resolve to stop doing what is not working.
24. Resolve to do more of what is working.
25. Resolve to advertise only where your top clients will see it.
26. Resolve to plan your biggest impact goals every quarter.
27. Resolve to join a business referral group that has members who sell to the same types of top clients you do.
28. Resolve to leave a business referral group whose members don’t sell to the same types of top clients you do.
29. Resolve to work through the night only one time this year, just to remember how bad it is.
30. Resolve to hire only employees that share your company’s values.
31. Resolve to align your company's values with yours.
32. Resolve to individually thank every employee in your company for the work they do.
33. Resolve to take a four-week vacation by the end of the year. It will ensure you put the systems in place in your business to make it run on its own.
34. Resolve to celebrate the small wins.
35. Resolve to celebrate the big wins.
36. Resolve to relish the quiet days; those are golden opportunities to work on your business.
37. Resolve to no longer compare yourself to the competition, but instead compare yourself to the most outrageous demands your best customers could ever make.
38. Resolve to end every day at the same time. It will force better systems.
39. Resolve to write a handwritten thank you note to someone every single day.
40. Resolve to learn every one of your employee’s personal goals and objectives.
41. Resolve to pay it forward.
42. Resolve to keep your desk spotless.
43. Resolve to identify your one worst habit at work (like surfing the Web aimlessly), and resolve to not do it for 30 days. Wait until you see the impact that has!
44. Resolve to listen to one business book a month during your commute to and from work.
45. Resolve to not read email more than two times a day.
46. Resolve to take one top client out to lunch per month, and learn everything you can do to serve them even better.
47. Resolve to stick to your word and your resolutions. Every. Single. Time.
48. Resolve to be truly yourself and not trying to be someone that you think others want to see.
49. Resolve to send an anniversary cake to your top clients each year they continue to do business with you.
50. Resolve to never, ever, ever, ever again say you are a workaholic. Workaholics cover up their inefficiencies and inability to be productive by working longer hours. Commit to being a productive-aholic.

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Mike Michalowicz is the CEO of Provendus Group, a consulting group that helps companies whose growth has plateaued to grow again. Michalowicz is the author of The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, as well as one of the most popular entrepreneur blogs. 

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Author, Profit First