6 Ways to Help Improve Efficiency in Business

Running short of ideas on how to improve efficiency in business? You may want to consider these six tips.
September 19, 2018

Focusing on how to improve efficiency in business can help you grow and maximize your profits, It can help you save time and money, and it can make you more competitive.

So, what can you do to boost your company's efficiency? There are many avenues at your disposal.

1. Find out where visitors get lost in your website.

Using website analytics can help you understand which pages on your site cause your customers to get lost and even leave.

Review your customer base periodically. You may be able to find out which customers demand more than they're worth…

One small improvement you can make here is to adopt “the 3-click rule." This website design rule suggests that visitors will leave a website if they're unable to find the information they need within three clicks.

If it's not possible to design all your web pages to follow the 3-click rule, consider making some design changes to the problematic pages to let visitors know where they are, how they have arrived at a given page and where they're going from that page.

2. Focus your social media efforts on the right platforms for your business.

You're likely spread thin trying to keep up your online presence. (The amount of social media platforms is ever increasing.)

Data analytics can help you identify the sites that mention your company. You can use this information to monitor positive as well as negative comments. These insights can help you decide what you should continue doing and what you might need to stop doing.

While this type of data analytics can help you improve your company, it can also save you time and effort by helping you know which social media platforms your customers are not using. For example, if your customers don't interact with Instagram or Snapchat, you can improve business efficiency by putting more effort into the platforms that your target audience uses.

If you don't have the time to monitor what's being said about your company on social media, there are free tools that are available for this purpose. Examples include Social MentionCyfe, and Rankur.

3. Replace after-call surveys with conversation analytics to improve efficiency in business.

Recording customer calls is a common practice nowadays. You can use data obtained from conversation or speech analytics tools to glean customer emotions or moods so that you can improve your customer service experience.

Replacing after-call surveys with information obtained through real-time conversation or speech analytics can help improve efficiency in business. It can help you react faster and make changes in customer interactions, saving you time.

If you're considering speech analytics tools to help improve efficiency in business, make sure you find a solution that's suitable for your business. Companies that provide voice emotion analytics include Cogito CorporationCallMinerNemecysco and Aurablue Labs.

4. Use data from a CRM to evaluate low-value customers.

When you set out to improve efficiency in business, review your customer base periodically. You may be able to find out which customers demand more than they're worth by using data from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Your low-value customers may not only spend a lot less than your high-value customers, but they may behave in a way that costs you money for little or no return. And when these unprofitable customers frequently call with questions or complaints, they're taking up a disproportionate amount of time and tying up your telephone lines.

If these customers end up costing you more money than they generate, you may have to let go.

5. Use data analytics to manage your social media strategy more efficiently.

There's a wealth of data that you can use to improve your efficiency in business when it comes to planning your social media content strategy.

Let's take Twitter as an example. The free Twitter Analytics tool will show you which of your tweets earned the most impressions. You can also see a 28-day overview of cumulative impressions.

How can you make you use of this data? You can create additional tweets on the same or similar topic to maximize exposure or engagement. The cumulative overview can also help you compare activity from month to month. What did you do to earn more impressions? The answer can help you decide what course to take for future tweets.

You can also use the free Facebook Page Insights. This tool will give you a snapshot of your page's performance. It will show you:

  • the number of likes for your post,
  • your post's reach (This is number of people your post was served to, broken down by paid and organic reach) and
  • the number of people who engaged with your content.

These insights can make it easier to improve efficiency in business when planning content.

6. Maximize your people's productivity when on the move.

Mobile working is more popular than ever. This ever-increasing trend may frustrate your efforts to improve efficiency in business. But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can help your employees who are working on the go to stay connected. Here are three areas that may help improve efficiency in business if your company has remote employees:

  • Consider portable scan and print technology. 
  • Use cloud-based file sharing tools or software so employees can collaborate on the same document from any location without having to be in the office. This may be an important consideration if you want to improve efficiency in business. 
  • Provide a digital expense report software solution to make it easier for employees to file expense reports while on the road. These tools allow employees to save time by scanning receipts and doing away with the need to turn in paper receipts. Some of these systems can also allow you to quickly and easily view what each of your employees has claimed in any given period. Examples of such tools include CertifySutiExpenseRydoo and Everlance, to name a few. 

Finding ways to improve efficiency in business is not a one-time event. Consider making it one of the top priorities in the way you manage your business. It may pay dividends for your company.

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