6 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

Although we commemorate Earth Day every April, to make a lasting impact and create a more sustainable planet, we should “celebrate” it daily.
Contributing Writer, SmallBizTrends.com
April 22, 2013

What is your small business doing to celebrate Earth Day? Whether your team is cleaning up a park or participating in a community event, being committed to green practices can make your small business stand out from the pack to customers, investors and potential employees. But green business practices can’t be just for show—they have to be part of your management philosophy day in and day out.

Here are some “green management” ideas that can make every day Earth Day at your company:

  • Discourage driving. Set up a carpool for your employees, or encourage them to take public transportation or ride bikes. Provide a place to lock bikes safely and change out of biking clothes.
  • To help save the ozone layer, encourage telecommuting. Employees love this perk as much as the planet does.
  • Set up a recycling program. Place bins around the office to collect paper, cans and bottles to recycle.
  • Get involved. Give your employees time off to volunteer for green activities, or do so as a team. Sponsor or participate in environmentally oriented community events.
  • Pair up. Find other small businesses in your area and develop green programs together.
  • Start an employee task force to come up with new green ideas for your business.

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Contributing Writer, SmallBizTrends.com