7 Productivity Tools to Help Automate Your Workday

These apps and productivity tools can help you conquer your to-do list and get more done, faster.
November 07, 2017

In a world bursting at the seams with information, it's admittedly easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. At any given point in a workday, most people have a number of tabs open on their computer, and as a result, they may struggle to find ways to complete their to-do lists efficiently.

But savvy business owners harness the power of technology to automate daily tasks and eliminate wasted time. So how can you leverage the best of today's technology to streamline your workload and boost your daily productivity?

Here's a look at a few of our favorite productivity tools and how they can help reduce your daily grind.

1. Workflow

This app consolidates all of the best features from your other apps into one window. Want to send your ETA to an employee? Need to share an article with your team? Or even quickly order yourself some lunch before the next meeting?

Well, Workflow can help you do those things more quickly and efficiently. You get to decide which functions you want to access easily, to create the interface accordingly. It's kind of like building your own tailored, specialized app for many of your daily tasks.

2. Zapier

Maybe you've reached a point where you've automated some tasks but are finding yourself wasting time trying to make them work together.

Zapier can be a saving grace. It's an umbrella application that connects a multitude of other apps and allows you to set up interactions and triggers between them (for example, prompting Dropbox to copy email attachments whenever Gmail receives a new email).

Savvy business owners harness the power of technology to automate daily tasks and eliminate wasted time.

The possibilities for cooperation between your processes are broad, as Zapier currently interfaces with over 750 other apps, including Google Calendar, Evernote, Facebook, Dropbox, Salesforce, PayPal and more.

3. 1Password

There are only so many ways you can rework your dog's name or the street you grew up on. And who has time to create (much less remember) unique, secure passwords for every site or app you have an account with? And what about when your team needs access to those sites as well?

This is where 1Password comes in. This app generates one complex, unique password for you and stores all your other passwords behind it. With team access, you can grant or revoke privileges to team members to access certain sites without compromising your actual password data.

4. TSheets

Time tracking for hourly employees can be a time-consuming and costly hassle—but not with TSheets. This tool enables you to track your employees' time with just one click or tap. You can also build employee schedules by jobs or shifts—and make quick changes that are communicated to the entire team.

TSheets integrates with your preferred accounting or payroll software to automatically sync employee time for payroll and invoicing, reducing "lost" time in the process. Plus, it alerts you when your employees are getting close to hitting overtime.

TSheets also makes life easier for your employees—rather than using old-fashioned timecards, they can simply punch in and punch out with the app on their phones.

5. Check My Links Chrome Plug-In

Do you dread the inevitable-but-necessary audit of your company's website's links? There's nothing worse than a customer getting stopped in their tracks by a dead link. But do you really have the time to manually click on each one?

Pull up any page and run the Check My Links plug-in to see which of the page's links are working, which ones you should double-check and which ones may be fully broken. With a click, Check My Links lets you root out the dud pages that your website links and replace them with useful references that can elevate your customer's experience on your site.

6. Grammarly

Do you always need a separate pair of eyes on your copy to check for easy-to-miss grammar mishaps? You know it's crucial, but there's nothing quite as de-escalating as sending off your copy to another person only to sit there and wait for them to get around to editing it.

Once again, there's an app for that. As AI progresses, so does technology's ability to tell when you accidentally typed “were" when you meant “we're."

Grammarly keeps an eye on your grammar, syntax and phrasing as you type, and offers free Chrome plug-ins to monitor your copy. You can also pay for an upgrade that includes a plagiarism checker and templates for specific types of writing, from social media posts to business emails.

7. Hunter

Are you through with scouring the internet for ways to get in touch with the movers and shakers of your industry?

With a free Hunter account, you can make 100 requests to Hunter's massive email database per month. Hunter also gives you a Google Sheets Add-On and a Chrome Extension for free so that you can find that email address on the wider internet.

With a paid account, depending on your plan, you can make up to 50,000 email requests of the database and then download the results into a spreadsheet.

This is just a sampling of some of the great tech tools at your disposal. The key to making automation work for your company is discovering what tasks bog you and your team down the most on a daily basis—and identifying how you can utilize technology to help get those done.

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