7 More Ways to Use Facebook for Business

When it comes to marketing, these 7 tips for using Facebook for marketing provide more of a casual Fridays approach.
Author, Profit First
April 17, 2013 Sure, Facebook is a great, free marketing tool, but did you realize it’s a place where your marketing can be more “casual Friday” than “meeting in the boardroom first thing Monday”? It’s true. Facebook is the number one site where friends connect, share personal items, photos and updates. So advertisers who use a more casual, funny or personal connection do better overall as a brand. It’s where companies show their “human side" and let their customers see they’re people too. From posting funny videos from other users or fans, to hosting contests and posting consumer stories, Megan Marrs of The Wordstream blog offers seven more ways to take advantage of Facebook's unique features.

Most advertising, except of course the Super Bowl, is pretty classic and safe. But it’s always the risky or funny ads that engage us or that really go viral. If you’re not comfortable with taking too big a risk elsewhere, then start on Facebook. You can go slow, posting a funny video or image, and then seeing whether your followers like it (or not) before posting more. If there was ever a place to test drive your brand or market with something a little funnier or out of the box, Facebook is it.

[The Wordstream Blog]

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