8 Professional Tumblr Themes for Your Small Business

You don't need a big budget to create a professional-looking Tumblr. Here are some great–and free–themes to choose from.
April 24, 2012

When it comes to your small business website, image is everything. How you present your company on the digital sphere is important, and as we've learned recently, people are searching for the word "Tumblr" more than "blog." The micro-blogging site has become a more serious platform for brands, whether it's to show brand character, offer a peek behind the scenes, or just to update customers on the latest from their storefront. But with so many social media sites to juggle for your business, why add a Tumblr to the mix?

Tumblr has carved a niche for itself in embracing a more graphic and design-oriented aesthetic, which is a plus for your company if you're looking to distinguish yourself in a more meaningful way than you can through a generic Facebook Page. You should also keep in mind that there are more than 50 million blogs on Tumblr. That's a lot of people who could be looking at your site.

The best place to start is simply setting up a Tumblr. After that, selecting a theme will help your site stand apart and look more professional. If you don't have the budget for a custom theme, there are plenty of great free ones to choose from in Tumblr's theme garden. Try to choose one that works with your brand and the utility goals of the blog. For example, if you're looking to inform customers about what's happening within the company, you'd be better off with a classic blog format. However, if you're looking for something more visual, a pinboard style theme might be a better option.

Feeling a little in over your head? We rounded up eight classic, professional Tumblr themes that will work for your small business:

1. Simple Things

This theme is a basic option for a business owner who wants a simple site, but also desires a more modern look.

2. Natural Elegance

By going with a darker background, text and images stand out, and your site looks sleek and contemporary. This theme is used best when you're taking a graphical approach to your Tumblr.

3. Simplify

The name of this theme says it all: simple. This is a great option for a business owner who is just looking for the very basics.

4. The Atlantic

This theme, stylized after popular news magazine The Atlantic, gives your site a newsy feel that's professional and customizable. It's a good option for businesses with more text-based posts, such as keeping customers up to date on the latest from your company.

5. Art She Said

This theme has a nice italic font that makes text stand out, and its clean, classic look will make your business' site look pretty sharp.

6. c/c/c/ theme

This theme is elegant, classic, with a simple pretty font.

7. Content Focus 1.1

What's great about this theme is the fact that it has more than 60 interchangeable options for its appearance. You can switch fonts, colors and layout to match your company's branding.

8. Brickway

This theme lets you customize colors and the social buttons at the top give it a highly professional accent.

What theme do you use for your professional blog? Let us know in the comments below.

Image by OPEN Forum