8 Social Media Tricks to Get More Clicks

You may think you’re engaging your customers, but are they clicking on your content and interacting with you on social media? Here’s how to truly engage.
Contributing Writer, SmallBizTrends.com
March 08, 2013

Want to get customers to engage with your business on your blog, social media accounts or website? The journey to engagement begins with a single step: the click. But how can you get customers to “click” on your content? TheStreet recently talked to experts and small-business owners and uncovered the 8 top tactics, tips or phrases that help them get those precious clicks. Here are two ideas I think are especially smart:

  • Try trending topics. Use Twitter to monitor trending topics and figure out how to tie them in to your Facebook posts, blogs or tweets. Of course, it’s crucial that the topics be those your customers are interested in and that they also tie in to your business in a natural fashion. In other words, don’t force it.
  • Include a call-to-action. While you might think it’s obvious that you want customers to comment on, share or respond to your social media posts, it goes better when they get explicit directions. “Comment if ...,” “Like this if ...,” and “RT if you agree” all get better results than straight posts. Bonus: When people see others sharing or commenting, they tend to follow suit—and your customer engagement level increases exponentially.


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Photo: iStockphoto