9 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

You can waste hours of valuable time surfing and socializing on the Web, or use that time to make yourself a smarter business owner.
August 19, 2013

The World Wide Web can be a world wide waste of time. But it can also be an excellent resource for learning new things—whether you set aside 15 minutes during lunch or an hour before work. Take time this week to check out these nine websites that will make you smarter.

With the flood of information coming at every businessperson daily, this website can really help you save time. It extracts the most important information from articles and documents into a series of bullet points for quick and easy reading.

Many entrepreneurs can’t afford to spend their resources on paid education. This site partners with top universities and other well-known organizations around the world to offer online classes for free. They help the user master the material through lectures, interactive exercises and tests. Topics range from humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business and technology. Khan Academy is another outstanding alternative resource in this area.

For many years, it was too expensive for many small-business owners to attend this groundbreaking conference. Now, a catalog of thousands of Ted talks can be seen free on the Web. Most of them are less than 20 minutes in length and can be watched at lunch time. (Check out this favorite: Dan Pink’s Puzzle of Motivation.)  

This offbeat site has answers to all your daily dilemmas, and gives you the answers you need. A few recent articles include "Keep Your Internet Usage Private" and "10 Simple Things that Will Make You Happier Backed by Science."

Good Is
Many small-business owners learn better through visual graphics. This is a site that answers many business questions through a popular tool known as infographics. Check out these two: How Businesses Are Creating Communities and How to Keep Customers Happy.

In social media, memes are all the rage. Now, this site allows anyone to learn a new language using these types of images so the brain can remember the word more easily. Users can also compete with their friends by earning points for learning. Alternately for more advanced learners, Lang-8 can have blog posts written in other languages critiqued by native speakers. 

Entrepreneurs always need to learn a bit more Web coding than they would like. This site makes it easier for anyone based on a very interactive formula. It becomes very helpful in email and Web marketing.

Get your questions answered by experts in the field. It’s an incredible Q&A site curated by well known users. For example, one popular question posted is “What does free cash flow mean?”


Mental Floss
While this site may not make you smarter, it will make you better at all those trivia games. For example, what does a porcupine sound like?

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