R.E.L.A.T.E.: A Way to Help Motivate Your Sales Team

Do you take your sales reps for granted? It could have an affect on your growth. Trying this strategy may help motivate your sales team and boost sales.
September 13, 2017

A demoralized sales team may be the reason your product or service isn't selling the way you know it can. You need reps that are driven and passionate about what they're selling. These are the people who are the most likely to earn big bucks for your company. Are you ready to motivate your sales team? Learning to R.E.L.A.T.E. can help you train efficient and motivated sales reps.


We all like to be praised for what we're good at. It's human nature to want our strengths and accomplishments appreciated.

As the leader of your sales team, you have the opportunity to publicly recognize your reps' achievements. Consider implementing a daily routine that incorporates positive feedback. At the beginning or end of the day, you could motivate your sales team by gathering together. You can have each rep discuss their daily goals and whether they accomplished them.

Most importantly, give everyone the chance to shout out their coworkers' successes and occasions when they were inspired or helped. A pat on the back from a colleague can give someone the confidence they need to crush their sales calls.


Your office's environment can directly affect the attitude of your sales team. A grey, windowless space filled with row after row of cubicles may wear away at their motivation.

Organizing events for the whole group can help cultivate their relationships and build trust between them.

But an open floor plan with natural light and greenery may motivate your sales team. An open floor plan can allow sales members to listen to and learn from one another. When in doubt, you can position your sales reps near windows to help improve their mood, and next to indoor plants that will improve the oxygen flow in their space.

If you can afford one, consider hiring an interior designer who specializes in office spaces and boosting employee morale.


You're not the only leader in the office. In fact, every single one of your sales reps has the potential to become a leader. 

You may want to motivate your sales team by assigning a point person to each project in order to hold someone accountable for its completion. This may also give them the opportunity to collaborate with and lead the rest of your team.

When your sales reps know that they have the responsibility to take charge of assignments, they can go above and beyond in handling it how they see fit. By giving them the freedom to be their own leaders, you may also unleash their potential for creativity in approaching the project.


You as the business owner are probably focused on growing the company, but your sales reps may be thinking about affording their dream car or reaching their dream job. By working with your team to align their personal objectives with your goals for the company, they could become more motivated to excel in their work.


It may be hard to remember, but your team members are also emotionally invested in your company. Major executive decisions affect your sales team tremendously. Keeping them in the loop can help them understand the direction the company is headed and motivate your sales team to help the company get out of any potential trouble.

If a major client is lost or if the company is rebranding, try explaining this directly to your sales team. When they feel involved in the overarching decisions being made, they may be more likely to be loyal and motivated in supporting your choices.


I believe your sales team should be productive, but that they should also have fun. Organizing events for the whole group can help cultivate their relationships and build trust between them. This could come in handy when they're collaborating on work or advising one another on how to handle clients.

From happy hour drinks to volunteering together, there are endless choices for how to bond. Your business can benefit when your sales reps are excited to show up for work every day because they enjoy the company's community.

You have the opportunity to build a sales team that is motivated, collaborative and dedicated to your company. Start to R.E.L.A.T.E and your sales and team morale could be the better for it.

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