Lance Armstrong's Fail Leads to an Unexpected Marketing Lesson

As we've learned from Lance Armstrong, our greatest strengths are often the flip-side of our greatest weaknesses, even in marketing.
Author, Profit First
January 22, 2013

The best marketing leaders know their greatest strengths are often the flip-side of their greatest weaknesses. And no matter what your strength is, it can become—as did Lance Armstrong’s “win at all cost” ferocity—a fatal weakness.

As Marketing Agency CEO and former Dell Marketing executive John Ellett, says, “Marketing leaders should have the courage to challenge their organizations’ readiness for new market conditions and the insight to exploit the flip-side of competitors’ strengths.”

I learn a lot from athletes. For instance, some athletes make every single day in the gym “upper body day.” Others learn to work on their weakness to gain a balanced body overall. You can’t be a successful marketer if everything you do is an “upper body day." The key to successful marketing is to show off all you do. Don't let one marketing approach become such a crutch that you put all your energy (and some steroids) into it. Be well-rounded. 

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Author, Profit First