Are You a Leader or Just a Babysitter?

Most organizations train babysitters, not leaders. They discipline their employees to act a certain way instead of letting them collaborate for results.
Getting Small Businesses Unstuck, Shafran Moltz Group
March 25, 2013

The most difficult part of growing any business is leading a team that can accomplish the company's mission and goals. Unfortunately, many small-business owners end up becoming more of a babysitter than a true leader. They spend most of their time trying to coax or discipline their employees to act a certain way that will produce a specific result. 

Mike Myatt, a CEO development coach at N2Growth, says that "leadership has become synonymous with babysitting in many organizations, which does nothing more than signal a lack of trust in the workforce... Remember, a leaders job is not to place people in a box, but to free them from boxes." He says that most organizations are inadvertently  "designed" to kill leadership, since they promote following well established rules and don't allow for failure.

A babysitter has employees trained to think that their job is to please them. A true leader sets the goal for their team and then allows them to achieve it in the manner they deem best. This encourages true collaboration among employees and independent thinking, instead of just playing "follow the leader". 


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Photo: iStockphoto