One Wrong Tweet Can Take Down Your Brand

One disgruntled employee, contractor or supervisor can ruin your brand in a minute if you aren’t taking your social media seriously.
February 20, 2013

Companies go out of their way to secure their buildings and their data. Employees have ID tags and passwords allowing them access only to what they need. Yet, with all that protecting of company assets, many companies don't consider social media as one of their top threats—and they should.

Access to a company’s Twitter account can do more harm to a company than a professional heist. When the British Entertainment Company HMV laid off more than 60 employees at one time they didn’t even think about their Twitter account, at least not until one fired employee continued to tweet the bad news—first from the company's account then from their own personal account. HMV’s reputation was brutalized. But HMV is not alone. Thousands of companies are just as vulnerable.

More than 75 of the world’s largest 100 companies use social media, but they don’t take it seriously until the damage to their brand is done. It’s usually after they’ve offended, horrified or alienated their followers because an employee has sent out vengeance tweets on the company’s social media sites, that companies realize they need a stricter social media plan and more stringent security measures to protect it. Social media is as powerful, or more so, than your traditional marketing and PR accounts, especially for small businesses who might not bounce back from bad publicity. It’s critical that you take social media security seriously and that you protect it. A lack of control can spell disaster for your brand and your business no matter what your size.

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Photo: iStockphoto