Bigger Marketing is not Better Marketing

More and bigger is not better, at least not when it comes to marketing. The secret? Leaner, more efficient use of data is winning customers.
Author, Profit First
March 05, 2013

The technology and tools now exist to let marketers market more, and market more often, but should they? The surprising answer is no. It’s actually more effective to use technology to do leaner, more streamlined and efficient marketing. The challenge is not in how to hit every possible eyeball on the planet, but to figure out how to reduce the overwhelming amount of data into manageable chunks. In other words, how do you determine the kind of actionable insights that get your company customers? The challenge of the marketing game now is not in reaching more people, it’s in developing deeper consumer relationships through better data management and understanding. Being more relevant rather than more visible is where the top marketers are headed.

Surprise! Bigger is not better. And more is not necessarily more. Marketers (and you) are falling into the trap of analysis paralysis in huge numbers. We have so much data to consider that we are overwhelmed: we make either the wrong decision, or more likely no decision at all, and so we lose. It is kind of funny ...  in the quest to get more and more data about our marketing so we can market better, we are getting more confused. When it comes to your own marketing, don’t try to analyze everything you do that may lead to a sale. Instead, analyze one of the things you are doing that may be generating sales. Once you understand it, test out your ideas for improvements. If they work, continue. And if they don’t, then stop. Then go onto the next thing to analyze. This process is a “one dial at a time” approach and is the only way to bring sanity back into your business.


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Author, Profit First