Boost Q4 Profits With Simple Website Tweaks

Don't miss out on maximizing profits in the fourth quarter. Here are three basic ways to make your site do more.
October 08, 2012

The last quarter of the year is the strongest season for many businesses, and if you’re going to keep pace, then you want to make sure your website is in prime position to maximize the traffic and customers that come your way.

These simple ideas can make a huge difference, but are easy to ignore.

In fact, almost every website owner ignores at least one of the three crucial website improvements listed below. How many are you ignoring?

1. Track your clicks. It’s shocking how much work business owners will do to get people to their website and then how little they will do to maximize what happens once someone visits.

Don’t waste the energy and resources you put into driving traffic by hoping that visitors will find the good stuff on your site once they arrive.

The best way to predict how visitors will interact with your site is to actually look at how they are interacting with it right now. With click tracking software like Crazyegg, you can get a full report of where real users are clicking on your website.

Click tracking services allow you to discover three things:

  1. Most highly clicked links and buttons. You can then redesign your site to give these areas or buttons more prominent placement since users clearly want to learn more about them. In some cases, it can also impact your product offerings because you’ll have clear information about what users are interested in.
  2. Confusing areas on your site where users are clicking even though there isn’t a link available. This can often happen with colored boxes or unique shapes. Fixing these areas allows you to improve the user experience.
  3. Information about which words result in the most clicks. This allows you to adjust the words on your site to more clearly match your visitors expectations. For example, maybe you should change your most read articles link from “Popular” to “Best Of” because that will result in more clicks.

2. Review your copy. Copywriting is the most important element of web design. Without words, your page can look beautiful, but it won’t compel anyone to take action.

In fact, the words you use are all you have when it comes to building a profitable website. Nobody buys your product; they buy the words on your sales page. Nobody signs up for your e-mail list; they sign up for the offer on your landing page.

Take time to review and test different words in the major headings, titles, and landing pages of your website. Better copywriting means a more compelling offer. And nothing will improve your business like a better offer.

3. Improve the speed of your website. Most people ignore the speed of their website. Simply put, faster websites make more money:

Faster websites lead to happy visitors. A fast website not only seems professional, it also reduces the possibility that visitors will bail out of frustration. You can’t sell anything if people don’t stick around long enough to find it.

Even for entrepreneurs who know it’s important, improving website speed always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Don’t make that mistake yourself.


James Clear is the founder of Passive Panda. He is an award-winning writer on business strategy and entrepreneurship and has delivered speeches in the United States, the UK, and Switzerland.